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A Tradition of Excellence

  • Vision

    To provide high-quality, flexible learning opportunities that inspire lifelong learners



    At Bobcat Virtual Learning we are committed to providing a high quality education to full-time students, as well as those who would like to supplement their in-person learning with virtual courses. We offer flexibility to accommodate the interests and abilities of all learners and match opportunities for enrichment and intervention without sacrificing rigor and high expectations. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and grow within a virtual learning environment that best fits their needs. Our passionate and encouraging staff is motivated to create a positive learning community for our students.


    WHO are we?

    • Full-time K-12 virtual students
    • Concurrently enrolled students who take mostly in-person instruction
    • Center for Student Success students who are working to earn back credit
    • Students who need credit recovery courses to get on track for graduation
    • 5th year students who would like to earn their diploma


    Interested in Joining Us?


    Questions? Call us at 810-591-1658


  • Tutoring Services

    Every Wednesday, you can sign your student up for tutoring with one of our BVL Interventionists. Tutoring sessions can take place virtually in Google Meet or in-person in our BVL Lab at the High School West Campus (1 Jewett Trail). If you choose to meet in-person, you will need to provide transportation for your student and must pick them up at the end of their tutoring session.

    Here is a link to sign up for tutoring: Find the correct date, click right on the time slot that works for you, and enter your student's information.

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  • Welcome Back Letters

    Welcome back to the 21-22 school year!

     Here are the letters we emailed home, complete with information about HS orientation, Open House for all grades, and much more!

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  • Parent/Guardian Contact Information

    If you need to update, add, or change your parent/guardian email or phone number, please make sure to sign into Online Registration or contact Bobcat Virtual to update your information.  

    For help with Online Registration, please visit our Registration Help Site.

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  • Parent Information Section

    To make it easier for parents/guardians to find some of the most common resources, GBCS has a dedicated Parent Information Section. Important information from different areas of the website (building information, days off, start times, and much more) can now all be found by visiting the new section at or by clicking on the Parent Information icon in the GBCS app.

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  • Technology Help for Staff

    For help with common technology related tasks, including adding printers in Windows 10, setting a default internet browser, etc... please visit

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  • Bobcat Virtual Learning Contact Information

    BVL Main Office

    Bobcat Virtual Learning Main Office

    Phone:  810-591-1658



    Allyson Walroth

    Bobcat Virtual Learning Director & Secondary Curriculum Director

    Phone:  810-591-6649



    Kevin Keilitz

    Bobcat Virtual Learning Coordinator

    Phone:  810-591-6375 



    John Hentes

    Bobcat Virtual Learning Counselor

    Phone:  810-591-1634 



    Elaina Martinez

    Bobcat Virtual Learning Secretary

    Phone:  810-591-6391