School Bus Information

    • School Bus drivers have the same authority as teachers in the classroom.


    • They may give instructions, assign seats, and initiate disciplinary action for students who misbehave or disobey.


    • Bus routes are planned to keep individual riding distance and time to a practical minimum.


    • The bus stop must conform to state and local laws.


    • District Policy guidelines allow for a maximum walk to the bus stop of 1/2 mile for Elementary School students and 1 mile for Middle and High School students.


    • Grand Blanc Schools will make every effort to keep the walking distance to the bus stop at a minimum. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to see that a child gets safely to and from the bus stop.


    • Students are allowed only one bus stop in the am and pm. They must be picked up at the same stop 5 days a week and dropped off at the same stop 5 days a week. The am and pm stops do not have to be the same.


    • All students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the stated stop time. Due to weather or traffic, buses could come up to 5 minutes earlier than the stated time or 5 minutes later than the stated stop time.


    • Bus passes to ride a different bus are issued by contacting the Grand Blanc Transportation Department and are allowed for emergency purposes only.

Bus Pick-Up New Construction Subdivisions

  • GBCS Policy: Buses do not pick up students in subdivisions under construction, or until they are 95% completed. Students will be picked up and dropped off at the main entrance to the development.