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Grand Blanc Early College

  • Grand Blanc High School, in partnership with the University of Michigan-Flint, opened the Grand Blanc Early College (GBEC) during the 2015-2016 school year. This exclusive opportunity is available to Grand Blanc High School students entering Junior status beginning with the 2015-2016 school year. Students who choose to participate in this unique opportunity will commit to a five year high school and college experience.

    Junior and Senior students will take their high school and college classes (taught by college professors) on the campus of Grand Blanc High School. Students will transition to the college campus during their 13th year.

    College courses during the 11th and 12th grade will focus on general education courses required for a four year/bachelor degree.  Students may select courses geared toward a specific degree during their 13th year of the GB Early College program.


    • Earn college credit while attending high school.
    • Attend college courses on the Grand Blanc High School campus taught by University of Michigan-Flint professors.
    • Completing college courses on the high school campus eases the transition from high school to college with a dedicated support staff to mentor and guide students.
    • Students maintain the ability to participate in HS sports (9th-12th) and after-school activities.
    • Participants may be eligible for the GBEC scholarship.
    • Reduced financial burden on families sending students to college.


    • Students must commit to a 3 year early college program (5 year high school graduation)
    • Student transportation is required for the 13th year college courses
    • Students will be required to adhere to both the Grand Blanc High School calendar and the Grand Blanc Early College calendar.
    • Students will attend college courses taught by college professors
    • Upon completion, students will be 1/3 of the way toward a bachelor degree.
    • After graduation, students may continue to pursue their degree at the University of Michigan-Flint or transfer their credits to an alternate college or university of their choice.


    • Billing is generated on a semester basis.
      • Fall invoices are generated in October
      • Winter invoices are generated in March
    • Students are not eligible for financial aid for their early college courses. Students are eligible for student aid once they successfully graduate from high school. 
    • Billing must be up-to-date to register for courses, each term.
    • Any outstanding balances can result in the drop of courses and the inability to register for courses. 
    • Any outstanding balances, at the end of the GBEC program will result in the hold of your diploma. Once a balance has been paid off in full, the diploma will be released.
  • GBEC Contacts

     Janet Roberts, EC Director

    West Main Office



    Sarah Clark, EC Associate Coordinator

    West Main Office 



    John Hentes, EC Counselor

    West Main Office 



  • GBEC MISSION STATEMENT:  Grand Blanc Early College will establish high standards, engaging academic experiences and post-secondary opportunities within a supportive environment, resulting in high levels of student achievement.