• On Tuesday, August 27th, staff participated in Cultural Competence training with experts in their field, Amy Colton, Ph.D., and Virginia Winters, MA. & M.Ed. of Learning Forward. They began a journey of cultural understanding and identified actions to increase cultural competence in Grand Blanc Schools.

    "Cultural Competence is the will and skill (ability) to form authentic relationships across difference." -Gary Howard

    If you'd like to experience just the start of that journey, write down five things that DEFINE you as a human being. Examples might be black woman, cancer survivor, athlete, father, engineer, singer, etc. After you've completed that list, cross one off. Think about how you feel scrapping a piece of your identity. Then, cross another off. Did that get more uncomfortable? Did it make you angry or sad? Can you do it? This was just the beginning of activities designed to create an understanding of how some students feel in the classroom - like they have to leave part of who they are behind to fit in. Understanding that discomfort was the beginning of the journey for our staff this week. 

    If you'd like more information, check out Learning Forward and www.theworldcafe.com.