Lesson Design

  • Experienced online learning educators have shared recommendations and priorities for lesson planning in the resources below.



    • Focus on learning goals, not daily work.
    • Keep instructional videos short, no longer than 15 min.
    • Break assignments into chunks. 
    • No hard deadlines
    • Get kids up and moving, incorporating non-screen living spaces when possible.
    • Give students choice.  Learning menus & choice boards work great for this.
    • Checks for Understanding - To assess learning, consider having students create a video, draw a picture, write a story or response, and/or create something to show their learning instead of assessing with multiple choice/short answer.  This helps to deter cheating and shows learning.


    Six Key Components of Effective Online Instruction (Purpose, Engagement, Pedagogy, Feedback are all still important.)


    Worksheet Continuum - How to ensure work isn’t “busy” work.