Working with Online Meeting Rooms


    • Create a Google meet using a Nickname or through Classroom Integration  (Zoom can only be used with staff and parents; it cannot be used with students)*


    Google Meets with just the URL, can no longer be used.  Only Meets created with Nicknames or through Classroom Integration can be used starting Fall 2020 (why the change?).


    If you create a room using a Nickname (instructions):

    GOOGLE MEET NICKNAMES ONLY WORK FOR USERS LOGGED INTO A GBCS GOOGLE ACCOUNT.  If a student is using a personal device and is not logged into their account they will either have to log in to the Chrome browser with their account OR the teacher will have to share the URL of the Nicknamed Meet with them before each Meet.

    • Pick a nickname that is easy as it is what you and your students will use to get into/create the room each time...DO NOT USE SPACES OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN MEET NICKNAMES.


    • Make sure to use the same nickname each time so it is easy for you and your students


    • Make sure all of your students have exited the Meet before you leave; this will ensure that the Meet closes.  When it is time for the next Meet, create a new one with the exact same nickname and repeat the process.


    If you create a room using Classroom Integration (instructions):

    MEETS CREATED WITH GOOGLE CLASSROOM INTEGRATION CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED FROM INSIDE GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  Make sure your students are logged into your Google Classroom to access your Meet link. 

    • Decide if you want the room URL always visible at the top of your classroom page.  If not, only make it visible when needed.


    • Ensure that students go to Classroom first then click the link to enter your Meet.


    • Make sure all of your students have exited the Meet before you leave; this will ensure that the Meet closes. The next time you click on the link in your Classroom, the Meet will open again (students cannot enter the Meet without a teacher present when it is created with Integration and the previous session has been closed).


    Meet URLs and/or Nicknames DO NOT need to be shared with Technology for any Meet created with Integration or with a Nickname


  • *If, for some reason, students are having an issue getting into a nicknamed or integrated Meet, you can do one of the following (in order of most to least desirable)... 1) give them the meeting URL (which will change each day), 2) try switching to a different method (Classroom Integration if you were using a Nicknamed Meet and vice versa or, if using integration, try changing the Meet link in Classroom), or 3) create a new meeting room without a nickname and share the URL out with your students directly via Jupiter messaging or email (this option should only be used in instances where everything else isn’t working as it does not have any of the security features of nicknamed or integrated rooms).


    Additional Help Information Coming Soon