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High School Courses

  • All 9-12 students are required to take the following courses:

    *Courses listed with an astrisk are also available as an honors course

    • English - 4 credits
      • English 9*
      • English 10*
      • English 11*
      • One full year of Senior English (options available)
    • Mathematics - 4 credits
      • Algebra I
      • Geometry*
      • Algebra II*
      • One math related credit senior year
    • Social Studies - 3 credits
      • World History
      • U.S. History
      • American Government
      • Economics (as part of the Economics class requirements, students must also participate in the Junior Interview process)
    • Science - 3 credits
      • Physical Science
      • Biology*
      • Chemistry*
    • Electives
      • Physical Education (0.5 credit)
      • Health (0.5 credit)
      • Visual Performing Applied Arts (1 credit)
      • Technology (0.5 credits) - All Bobcat Virtual Learning courses count for the required Technology credit
      • World Language (2 credits of the same language OR 1 credit of a world language and 1 credit of CTE or 1 credit of a world language and 1 credt of VPAA)
      • Additional Electives (5.5 credits)


    Click here to view a description of the high school electives options available to students.


    Students will be scheduled primarily in courses available through Bobcat Virtual Learning; however, if a course or something similar is not available, students may select from options available through an outside vendor by selecting from courses available through the Genesee ISD GenNet Portal. Because these courses are taught by instructors employed outside of Grand Blanc Community Schools and may not follow our grading policies or break schedule, we recommend choosing Bobcat Virtual Learning courses as opposed to those from outside vendors.

GBHS Graduation:

  • For graduation from GBHS, students must have 24 total credits with 4 English, 3 Social Studies, 3 Science, 4 Math & 1/2 credit each of Physical Education, Health, Technology, Arts & World Language.

    Middle school World Language classes do count for graduation requirements from GBHS, however, many colleges may want to see that World Language classes were taken in high school.

What's Next?

  • After registering, parents/guardians should expect to receive communication from Bobcat Virtual Learning in the first two weeks of August about 9-12 Orientation and an Open House. During Orientation, students will receive their schedules and explore the variety of clubs available to GB students. During open house, parents/guardians and students will learn about content and expectations for learning, students will meet their teachers, and families can pick up necessary supplies. In the meantime, please email if you have questions about the program.