Welcome to Bobcat Virtual Learning!

  • As a family, you may be considering Bobcat Virtual Learning as your student's method of instruction for the 2023-24 school year for a variety of reasons. This guide is intended to answer questions and help you navigate this new road of discovery. Thank you for your interest!

    Online learning can be a very effective way to learn and is a very good option for students who are unable to - or choose not to - attend face-to-face classes. However, virtual courses are quite a bit different from face-to-face instruction, so it is very important to know what is expected and what kind of support students will need in order to be successful. Research shows that students who are well-prepared and well-supported for this experience do better in their classes.



    Think Bobcat Virtual Learning might be right for you? Consider the following surveys to help you decide:

    In addition, here is the current BVL Handbook and Family Contract.

    Interested in joining BVL for the 2023-24 school year?

    If you are an out-of-district student family that would like to enroll your student in Bobcat Virtual Learning, you will need to complete the District of Choice application and registration process which will likely begin in March of 2023. Current Grand Blanc families can select Bobcat Virtual Learning during the Online Registration process. 

    Please contact BVL with any questions at (810) 591-6391.