Chromebook in Need of Repair? Visit the School Library...

  • When school is in session and all buildings are open - Chromebook Repairs/Replacements/New Student Chromebooks/Chargers are handled through the building libraries. If your student is having an issue with their Chromebook please have them visit the library in their building.

Help with Chromebook Issues

  • If your student is experiencing an issue with their GBCS Chromebook, we are here to help.  Please select the issue that best describes your student's Chromebook problem from the list below.  If needed, a GBCS staff member will follow up via text, email, or phone.

Select your Chromebook Issue...

  • New GBCS Student Needing Device

  • Chromebook in Need of Repair

  • Problems Logging in to a Chromebook/Program or Seeing the Enterprise Enrollment Screen

  • Student Leaving GBCS and Needs to Turn in Device