Jupiter Password Changes for 2022-2023

  • In Fall 2022, all GBCS students in grades 6 and up are required to change their Jupiter password.  To ensure this takes place, on Monday, August 22, 2022, all impacted students GBCS were sent a Jupiter message to their school email account with a unique link they will use to complete the password reset.  The email will looked similar to the message below.  

    If a student is unable to use the link in the email, did not receive the email, or is having another issue with the password reset, please see below for help.


    Jupiter message

  • Why do passwords need to be reset

  • In an effort to ensure that student Jupiter accounts are protected from an ever-growing number of cybersecurity-related threats, all students 6th grade and up must set a new Jupiter password.

    By setting their own unique password, students help to ensure their account will remain private.

    Only 6th grade students and up are required to change their Jupiter password; K-5 students can continue to use their existing password

  • How to reset your password

  • Students will use the email sent through Jupiter to their student email account (see example above) and click on the purple button to be logged into Jupiter and select a new password.  

    If a student did not receive the email, has deleted it, or the email link is no longer working, students must use the Help Me Login button on the Jupiter home screen to start their password reset.  For more information on this process, see below.

  • What if I need help

  • How to Reset your Jupiter Password from the Jupiter Login Screen

  • How to Remove your Saved Jupiter Password in Chrome

  • For GBCS Staff- How to Help Students with their Jupiter Password