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      Jupiter Grades

      • Login to Jupiter Jupiter Help

        Jupiter grades is the primary system used by teachers for assignments and grades only.   Starting in 22-23 Jupiter is no longer being used for attendance as student attendance is being taken in Synergy*.


        Jupiter Accounts

        Jupiter accounts will be automatically created for all new teachers and a setup email sent to their GBCS email address.  Use this email to finish account setup.  

        Please note:  Jupiter usernames and passwords are set and maintained by the user and are not tied to any other GBCS login.  Tech Services does not manage staff Jupiter login information.

        Grade Books in Jupiter

        All teachers who have class lists will have grade books automatically created in Jupiter.  All other teachers who need a grade book will need to contact Tech Services to request one.


        *Synergy is GBCS' official Student Information System.  Teachers must use Synergy to take attendance , see additional student information, school office attendance changes, etc.




      • Log in to Classlink CL Help

        Classlink is a Single Sign On (SSO) system GBCS' uses to help staff and students access a variety of different programs.  Users can login into Classlink by going to the site or by clicking on the link in the GBCS folder in Chrome.

        Resources accessed through Classlink include but are not limited to:

        • Amplify Science (via Clever)
        • Big Ideas Math (via Clever)
        • TCI (via Clever)
        • McGraw Hill ConnectEd products (Wonders, High School Aleks/Reveal Pilot, etc...)
        • SeeSaw*
        • Renaissance/STAR*
        • HRW/Houghton-Mifflin
        • Pearson
        • Synergy*
        • Staff Email*
        • Pivot*

        *these items can also be accessed directly at their respecitve websites without going through Classlink


      • Log in to GoGuardian  GoGuardian Help

        GoGuardian is a student monitoring tool used by GBCS.  GoGuardian accounts will be automatically created for all new teachers, counseling, and select support staff.  Additional staff can request a GoGuardian account by contacting Tech Services.  

        Teachers/Staff can use GoGuardian Teacher during school hours with on-campus students to:

        • monitor student Chromebook activity
        • block sites not appropriate to the class
        • limit the number of pages/tabs students have open during class
        • automatically deploy certain pages when class starts

        In the event that a student appears to be off-task or needs help, Go Guardian also allows teachers to discreetly send a message to the student's Chromebook and vice versa.

        GoGuardian Classrooms

        All teachers with class lists will have GoGuardian classrooms created for them at the start of each year/semester.  Teachers can also create their own GoGuardian classrooms from scratch or from Google Classroom if desired. 

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