• 2024 GBHS Summer School Registration Opens May 1, 2024!


    Summer School Contacts

    Jennifer Kotwicki,
    Summer School Support

    Email: jkotwick@gbcs.org

    Phone: 810-591-6380

    Janet Roberts,
    Summer School Administrator

    Email: jrobert2@gbcs.org

    Phone: 810-591-6357

    When made available, all summer school requests require counselor approval. Requests will be reviewed and processed, or you will be contacted by the counseling department for further instructions.

    Upon approval of your course request, you will receive an email providing payment instructions and course enrollment information. Process your payment through the Grand Blanc High School SchoolPay link provided - online payments only. Please DO NOT pay until you are contacted by email with a payment link.

    Course registrations are not complete and students will not be enrolled until payments have been processed/received.  

    All refund requests must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the course start date using the Refund Request link on the Summer School webpage. There are NO REFUNDS beyond your registered session start date.

    What is...Credit Recovery vs Advanced Credit?

    A course that has been taken and failed can be retaken to improve the grade via Credit Recovery (if a student has earned a D or less). Students may take as many credit recovery courses as they are able to complete within the summer term, but may only take courses one at a time.
    NCAA: Summer school credit recovery classes DO NOT qualify for NCAA eligibility. Please talk to your counselor about your NCAA credit recovery course options.

    A course that a student has not previously taken, but that they are interested in taking during the summer to earn credit toward meeting graduation requirements; or to boost their GPA. (Students are limited to 2 advanced credit courses per summer term.)