Common Check Request

  • Below is the NEW common check request for Activities, Payroll, and Accounts Payable. 

    FILLABLE - Use PDF editing to complete the form on your computer (you must download to fill it in electronically). Once completed, print the form to submit with the proper documentation to Central Office.

    We now have a PDF file of current businesses that are in our system. For privacy purposes, we did not include non-business entities on this list. Please search for the business you need to pay to ensure we have their W9. If you do not see them listed (be sure to check the address as well), then you need to request their W9 and include that with the check request. It can take a couple of days from when you submit the check request with a W9 to get the W9 approved and loaded, so please plan accordingly with the Check Request submission deadline. This file will be updated at least monthly.

    We have also included a blank W9 form. You can send this to a new vendor if they don't already have a completed W9 to send you, although most business vendors will have one completed and ready to email.

Check Request Files

  • The files on this page are policies and procedures set in place by the GBCS Board of Education and Office of Business Affairs.