Chromebook Insurance

  • Grand Blanc Community Schools provides a Chromebook insurance program. Chromebook insurance covers accidental damage to a device and an in some instances, device theft.  Please refer to the Optional Accidental Damage Device Insurance section of the 1:1 Device Handbook for complete coverage information (please note, the handbook is in the process of being updated and this link to the 19-20 handbook is for reference only).  Lost items, including power charges/cables, and intentional damage instances are not covered under the insurance program.


    Chromebook insurance is an annual purchase and available for all K-12 students with a district chromebook.  Insurance is valid from the date purchased through August 31 of the following year (i.e. insurance purchased on 9/3 would be valid through 8/31 of the following school year). The purchasing window is normally from early August through the 4th Thursday of September.  Visit for more information on purchasing insurance.


    The Chromebook Insurance purchasing window for this school year is now closed

    Insurance can be purchased via check or credit card using the district's new online payment system, SchoolPay.  At this time, we can only take online payments but are hoping to allow for in-person payments soon.   If you have a financial hardship, we do not want to take this opportunity away from your child; please speak with your building principal or contact our District 1:1 Coordinator at 591-6027.


    *These dates are subject to change as needed; students who enroll in GBCS after the insurance purchasing window has closed have two weeks from the date of enrollment to purchase insurance.  Currently, that process is done through their school library but that may change if needed.


  • The Chromebook insurance purchasing window has closed for this school year. 

    Insurance for next school year will be available for purchase in early August of next year.


  • Wondering if you have already purchased insurance for your student for this school year?

    Students and parents can look in Jupiter* to see if Chromebook insurance has been purchased for this school year (the prior school year will show as well).  Once logged into Jupiter, select a student, click the stacked bars in the top left->click Settings->then scroll down under the Notifications area.  If insurance has been purchased, you will see the below text (it may take 24-48 for new purchases to be recorded in Jupiter)**.  For insurance status on any additional students, click the student from the drop down at the top and repeat the steps.

    CB Insurance


    *If you don't have a Jupiter parent logon yet, contact your building for your temporary code so you can setup your login information

    **Parent/Guardians can also look in SchoolPay for a Chromebook Insurance purchase, if it was purchased through SchoolPay.  Click here for more information.



Insurance Cost Breakdown

  • 1 Year Insurance of Insurance for Accidental Damage


    • $25.00 for one student
    • $50.00 for a family



    Insurance Deductibles

    1st Repair= Free

    2nd Repair= $50.00 deductible or cost of repair; whichever is lower

    3rd Repair= Cost of Repair/Replacement