Phone: (810) 591-4131


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors Degree - Alma College Masters Degree - Western Michigan University ASHA certified Michigan state board licensed

Mrs. Deborah Densham

My name is Deborah Densham, Speech-Language Pathologist for Indian Hill elementary and East Middle School.  I have been workiing for Grand Blanc Community Schools since 2018 but I have been a school-based SLP since 2001.  I have my bachelors degree from Alma College and my masters degree from Western Michigan University  My children have been attending school in this district since 2011 so I have been a part of this community for several years and I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with and serve the communication needs of our students.  

  • School-bassed SLP's help students who have communication difficulties that impact their classroom participation, social interactions, literacy and learning.  Areas of communication they may help with include:

    Expressive language (how a student uses words to communicate)

    Receptive language (How a student understands what they hear)

    Articulation (how a student pronounces different sounds)

    Voice (pitch, tone, and vocal quality)

    Fluency (stuttering)


    Some errors children experience in their speech and language production are developmentally appropriate for their age which means their errors are within the range in which children normally develop that skill.  Other skills may be delayed.  If you have concerns about your child's communication development, please contact me or your child's classroom teacher to find out if they should have their speech and langauge screened.