• Here is our Bobcat Virtual Student Handbook. Each student is required to complete a Family Contract before gaining access to BVL classes.

  • Bobcat Virtual Students will:

    • Follow a consistent study schedule throughout the semester (learning coaches and Grand Blanc teachers will support this process as needed.)

    • Commit to between 4-6 hours per day for learning and practice time.

    • Complete all required assignments to the best level possible in each of the online courses while following and meeting deadlines.

    • Participate in regular 2-way communication with the Bobcat Virtual teacher who is assigned.

    • Ask for support when needed.

    • Participate in regular 2-way communication with the Bobcat Virtual teacher as required by grade level and course.

     • Understand that all coursework and submissions that are completed can be retrieved and/or monitored by the Bobcat Virtual teacher at any time.

    • Be flexible and understanding as everyone navigates this new way of education.


    Bobcat Virtual Parents/Guardians/Learning Coaches will:

    A learning coach is a parent/guardian, family member, or another adult from home who supports the student in their online learning.

    • Set up and maintain a location that is conducive to student learning.

    • Help younger students navigate the learning system, assist students with technology for learning, and maintain regular learning hours.

    • Guide the student through the lessons as needed.

    • Help keep the student on schedule and on pace.

    • Discuss concepts being taught and assist with interactive tools and games.

    • Oversee assignments and help facilitate hands-on learning that may be a part of the course work.

    • Check for understanding on assignments.

    • Ensure all components of the course are being done with fidelity (assessments, independent reading, novel studies, practice activities, etc.)

    • Agree to be accessible and available to communicate with Bobcat Virtual teacher(s) to discuss student progress and development

    • Be flexible and understanding as everyone navigates this new way of education.


    Bobcat Virtual Teachers and Mentors will:

    • Be responsible for maintaining and mentoring students through online courses

    • Provide useful information to students and learning coaches to support the success by posting announcements that include course policies and expectations, grading policies, staff information, contact information, and other appropriate information that students need to complete the course successfully

    • Ensure students stay active in the course by following the activity monitoring and log in information

    • Provide motivating, timely, and constructive feedback for student assignments

    • Actively engage student learning using direct communication, academic support, and interventions

    • Respond to student inquiries, questions, and requests for help within a timely manner

    • Provide troubleshooting to help students with technological issues, directing them to the help desk when necessary

    • Keep abreast of any current situations that may be impeding the student’s learning and create a plan to provide support

    • Regularly schedule, monitor, promote, and participate in course discussions, Google Meets and maintain regularly scheduled office hours

    • Provide accommodations for students as outlined in special education documents or by request from school personnel

    • Provide synchronous sessions as needed

    • Effectively and regularly review course content to ensure accuracy

    • Be flexible and understanding as everyone navigates this new way of education


    Bobcat Virtual students are Grand Blanc Bobcats!

    Bobcat Virtual Learning has the same rigorous and engaging teaching and learning that families expect from Grand Blanc Schools.

    Students and families will have access to class resources, progress, and grades.

    Bobcat Virtual students may participate in extracurricular opportunities offered through their “home” school.

    Bobcat Virtual Learning high school students will continue to earn regular credit towards graduation.