How to Rent a Grand Blanc Community Schools Facility

    • All facilities request must be submitted 10 days prior to the event starting date to be considered for approval. Submissions received less than 10 days prior to the requested date, will not be approved.


    • We now have over 150 organizations using our schools for cultural, recreational, civic, educational and faith-based activities. The District approved and processed several hundred event requests held throughout our schools each year.


    • Please read below for more information about renting our school facilities. Please contact Jeff Wilson at or 810-591-6024 for any questions concerning Grand Blanc Community Schools' Policies and Procedures, or Facility Use Requests.


    All third party organizations are to submit their school facility use requests by using our facility rental/SchoolDude web-based support application.



    • The School Community Calendar does not always reflect internal school events.
    • The Community Calendar may not reflect all events as some requests are still pending approval.
    • Invoices are generated after final approval by the Facility Rental Department.

Requesting a Facility using SchoolDude

  • If you do not have a SchoolDude account

  • If you have a SchoolDude account

Important Information

Information you Will Need

    • Provide name of organization and representative
    • Provide school facility / location
    • Provide activity and / or purpose
    • Provide date and time of request
    • Provide room area(s)
    • Provide approximate number of persons attending event
    • Verify if an admission fee will be charged and how much
    • Verify if event is a fundraiser
    • Verify if food will be served
    • Provide Certificate of Insurance
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  • Phone:  810-591-6024