• Tuesday, August 23, 2022  


    Elementary: AM  PLCs in buildings 

    Elementary: PM  12:00 noon - 2:55 p.m.

    • 2nd grade: PM -Perry Ctr Weiss Lab-  Math Recovery 
    • Y5's- PM  Perry Ctr  Reid -Montessori Set-up Training
    • Options for K,1,3,4 grades: 

    Middle Schools: 

    • AM- Building-wide PD Communication, Resilience & Culturally Responsive Classroom
    • PM- PLCs w/ building teams

    High Schools:

    • Implicit Bias Training - 1/2 the staff in AM 1/2 the Staff in PM
    • PLC's in AM/PM rotate w/ Implicit Bias Training

    BVL: PLC's in AM, PM PIC & BVL

    Friday, August 26, 2022 - Remote Friday   PD 12-3 p.m.

    • CBL Veterans Training -WMS Lecture Hall,  3rd/4th grade -CBL updates 
    • 2nd Grade: EMS Lecture Hall, Math Recovery
    • Y5s- TBD - Montessori Training/ PLC

    Middle Schools: PLCs w/ content teams

    High School: Building-wide PD; Math and MS Alg 1 - new curriculum Training

    Special Education: Compliance Training 

    Options for all Staff * Online Modules (Bloodborne, Technology)

    *Note: ALICE training modules will be available in September 2022

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  • *** New DPPD Reporting Process Resources beginning July 1, 2020, when districts choose to allow DPPD to be used for recertification, they must enter it into the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) as State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs).  This process replaces individual educator entry and the requirement for districts to review and sign each educator's individual DPPD form.  

    After district coordinator submits SCECHs into MOECS, a survey is automatically generated through MOECS after submission.  Educators must complete the SCECH Survey before SCECHs are awarded to educators.  After survey completion, SCECHs will be recorded in the educator's professional learning account in MOECS.

    You have 30 days after you attend the training to complete the MOECS Survey, otherwise you may forfeit your SCECH credits.

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Staff Development

  • The Basics

    All of the websites and documents can be confusing. Hopefully, the following information will help clarify what each site or document represents and its purpose.


    Staff Development Requirements

    All certified staff are required to attend 5 days (30 hours) of staff development each school year. In addition, probationary teachers need to attend another 15 days (90 hours) within the first three years of employment.

    The district provides opportunities to complete each of these requirements. This 2022-2023 school year, in August, all certified staff  should attend professional development days starting Tuesday, August 23rd, and August 26th. Another professional development day is November 8,2022.

    Remote Half-Days (All students 1/2 day AM online -  Staff has 1/2 day PM  Professional development) August 26, September 23, October31,2022, January 13, 2023, March 17, and April 28, 2023.

    School improvement days (LSIP) -Teachers participate in an hour meeting at the end of a regular work day.  LSIP dates are 10/25,11/15,12/6/2022,1/10/2023, 2/7,3/14,4/11 and 5/09/2023.

       Additional time for probationary staff can be completed through new teacher meetings, mentor meetings, new teacher training sessions and other required district activities.



    Employee Web

    Employee Web was setup for staff members to see their personal information, including certification and degrees, attendance, payroll history and tax information. This is also the site to enter your staff development activities. New certified staff that have less than three years of teaching experience are required to enter any professional development in which they have participated between July 1 and May 30 of each school year. All of the above-mentioned activities should be entered, as well as any other professional development workshops attended during the year. From this database, a report is generated for the State of Michigan REP to verify completion of the required professional development. 

    Employee Web - Your ID is your e-mail address the district has on file. You create your own Password  .


  • New Teacher Training 2020-2021

  • New Teacher Professional Development 2019-2020

  • Employee Web Directions for Logging Professional Development