Staff Development

  • The Basics

    All of the websites and documents can be confusing. Hopefully, the following information will help clarify what each site or document represents and its purpose.


    Staff Development Requirements

    All certified staff are required to attend 5 days (30 hours) of staff development each school year. In addition, probationary teachers need to attend another 15 days (90 hours) within the first three years of employment.

    The district provides opportunities to complete each of these requirements. This 2018-2019 school year, in August, all certified staff and paraprofessionals will be attending professional development days starting August 27, August 28, August 29, and 30th. Another professional development day is November 6,2018 , EdCAMP DPPD

    School improvement days (LSIP) -Teachers participate in a hour meeting at the end of a regular work day.  

    Scheduled Late Start Days for 2019 are 10/10/18, 12/05/18, 1/09/19, 4/3/19 and 5/01/19

    The additional time for probationary staff can be completed through new teacher meetings, mentor meetings, new teacher trainings and other district required activities.


    Employee Web

    Employee Web was setup for staff members to see their personal information, including certification and degrees, attendance, payroll history and tax information. This is also the site to enter your staff development activity. Certified staff are required to enter any professional development in which they have participated by December 1 and May 2 of each school year. All of the above mentioned activities should be entered, as well as any other professional development workshops attended during the year. From this database, a report is generated for the State of Michigan REP to verify completion of the required professional development. Instructions on using the Employee Web can be found on the staff development menu. The site is accessible from home or school through the internet.

    Your ID is a six digit number that is assigned. Your PIN is your first and last initial and the last four numbers of your social security number.

  • Employee Web Directions for Logging Professional Development

  • Fall Staff Development Schedule