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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Secondary Education Social Studies MA Education Concentration in Special Populations

Ryan Coffman

I have been a teacher at GBHS since December 2010.  I have taught World Affairs, American Government and various other classes.  I earned my BA in Secondary Education (Social Studies) from Olivet College in 2006 and did my student teaching at Fenton High School.  I worked at various jobs before being hired at GBHS.  I coached high school football at Fenton High School from 2006-2017.  I have been married to my wife Amanda (Business teacher at GBHS) since 2007.  We have one son together and he currently is a senior at the University of Akron in Ohio.  He is studying Pre-Physical Therapy and will be completing his 4th year on the Akron football team during the 2019 season and graduating in December.  I earned my Masters of Education with a Concentration in Special Populations from Augustana University in 2015.  I have worked in the Center for Student Success (CSS) program for 9 years.  Our program works with students that have had setbacks while in high school (academic and personal).  

I enjoy traveling with my wife, working out, running, biking, hiking and hunting.  I completed a marathon in 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have also hiked on the Appalachian Trail in the White Mountains.  I have visited Yellowstone National Park in Montana/Wyoming and saw some amazing animals that I thought I would only see on television.  My wife and I enjoy traveling to the Dominican Republic, summers on the Great Lakes and hanging out with old friends.  I do not listen to a lot of music but I listen to a lot of Podcast.  Some are serious others are for a laugh.  

I became a teacher because of the influence that a few of my teachers had on me while at Bendle High School.  My hope is that I can teach students academic lessons and blend them with life lessons.  Becoming a teacher was my goal while a 7th grade student at T.N. Lamb middle school in the Bendle School District.  I have adopted my teaching philosophy from three specific teachers that influenced me greatly.  One- Treat everyone the same no matter where they come from.  Two- Be honest with students, they know when you are lying to them or misleading.  Three-  Teach every student like they are the smartest kid in the room.  If you give them the opportunity to succeed academically they will.