Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Cormany

Joel Cormany- Math- I have a wife who teaches Tech Ex.  at Indian Hill and I have three children.  Having my own children in Grand Blanc Schools has helped me understand the  amount of work that families go through in supporting their child’s learning.   

I was born in Lima, Peru and then lived overseas in Honduras until I was five years old.  My first language was Spanish and I am sad to say that I have forgotten most of it  but I remember the early difficulties I had in school only speaking Spanish and starting to learn English.  

Since 2001 when I graduated from Cedarville University I have worked in the Inner-City, a private school, and then Grand Blanc Community Schools (Since 2008).  I have tutored students since 2001, one on one and have grown in communicating math to a variety of grade levels from Kindergarten through College.  Most of my tutoring has been with middle school students. Since 2014 I have done group tutoring sessions in August to help jump start students into math concepts right before the school year (reaching over 100 students each year).  As I prepared for these classes it helped me to grow in communicating the content.  

During the summer I really enjoy taking the time to relax and grow as a teacher.  I have read several books on Google, A book on changing  areas of weaknesses, and two on the brain.  The books on the brain and how we grow and think have not only been great for me as a learner but I know it will impact the students when they learn how they can grow their brain.   I am looking forward to a great year working with you and your child.