Information for GBCS Parents


    Required Documentation and Acknowledgements


    There are several items that parents/guardians must complete or acknowledge each school year, including:

    • Technology Acceptable Use Policy (part of the Handbook and revised every 1-2 years)
    • Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook (revised every 1-2 years)
    • Online Registration (verification of student/parent information.  Required to be completed each school year)

    All forms are completed/acknowledged in Synergy ParentVue.  For more information on how to complete/acknowledge these items, please visit

  • Emergency Closing Information


    All official emergency school closings will be announced on the GBCS website (, our District Social Media pages, and as a notification through the GBCS Mobile App.  You can also stay tuned to local television channels and radio stations for the latest news on school closings. The district will also send out a notification to all households via our BlackBoard notification system - you will receive a phone call and text message if school is canceled.

    Emergency closures may result from inclement weather, equipment failures, power outages, or other unforeseen circumstances.  If a building is closed, after school activities for that building are also canceled.  Refer to the district and/or building websites for up-to-date information on event cancellations and building closures.

    For more information on how GBCS sends Parent/Guardian messages, please visit our Messaging Information page at

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Where can I find information about my student's school (schedule, phone numbers, etc...)?

    Information on school schedules, phone numbers, etc... is available on each building's homepage in the Important Building Information area.  For more detailed information on late start day, half day, and other modified schedule days, please visit  


    I am looking for the contact information for my student's teacher and can I find this information?

    A searchable directory of building/district staff can be found by clicking on the grey Staff Directory button from any page of the website.   To search, enter the name and/or title of the staff member you are looking for, select the building from the Location drop-down, and click the grey Search button.


    My student is new to Grand Blanc schools.  Where can we find information on school clubs, athletic teams, and events?

    Information on school clubs, teams, and events vary by building.  For up-to-date information, please visit the school's webpage and/or calendar; school websites are accessible through the Our Schools link at the top of any page.


    My student has an account and email address.  What does that mean and how can I be sure it is safe?

    All Grand Blanc students are given an account/email address that is used to sign on to chromebooks, G Suite for Education products (Google Drive, Docs, etc...), and other web-based platforms.  Students in grades 3-12 also have the ability to use this information to send/receive email through their account in Gmail.  For more information on chromebooks and the G Suite for Education product, please visit our GBCS, Chromebooks, and Google page.

    All student devices are setup to filter out inappropriate content.  Student monitoring is done through a product called Go Guardian.  For more information, please visit our Internet Filtering & Safeguards page.


    I heard that all students in grades 3-12 get chromebooks.  How does that work and what happens if the chromebook breaks?  Will I be charged?

    All students in grades 3-12 are issued chromebooks that they will use daily to complete their schoolwork.  Students are allowed to bring their chromebooks home and use them for educational purposes, including homework, completion of classwork, etc...  Students are expected to bring their charged chromebook to school every day.  Please visit the 1:1 Device Information page for more information on devices and device repairs.

    In the event that a chromebook breaks, students can take their device to the school library to initiate a repair.  If you have purchased chromebook insurance for your student's device, the repair will be charged according to the insurance schedule.  For uninsured devices, repairs will be charged as outlined in the 1:1 Device Handbook


    How can I check my student's grades and/or attendance?

    Please refer to the Check your student's grades and assignments and Check your student's attendance areas below for more information.

How to...

  • Check your student's lunch balance and deposit money

  • Check your student’s grades and assignments

  • Check your student’s attendance

  • See your student's course history

  • Important Parent Links

  • Building Information