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Perry Innovation Upper School Students Fundraise for Fresh Water in Sudan

On Monday, June 3, Perry Innovation Upper School students were walking laps on Don Batchelor field carrying heavy gallons of water. They aren't conditioning for sports though, they are fundraising for Water for South Sudan (WFSS)! This humanitarian non-profit provides access to fresh water and hygiene education in remote areas of South Sudan, one of the world's poorest countries. After reading the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, they learned about the need for clean water in parts of the world like South Sudan. 
The book tells the story of Salva Dut, an eleven-year-old boy separated from his family who journeyed a thousand miles in 1985 to reach refugee camps in Ethiopia and then Kenya during the Sudanese Civil War. He was selected to come to the United States in 1996 after years of living in refugee camps. While in the US, Salva found out his father had survived the war, only to contract an illness caused by parasites from unclean water. He teamed up with a group of friends in 2005 to raise money to drill wells, and th non-profit, WFSS, was born. The first well drilled was in Salva's father's village. WFSS has since drilled over 450 wells, serving hundreds of thousands of people with fresh water.
The name 'Lost Boys' is the name given to over 17,000 (possibly as many as 30,000) children, including Salva Dut, who were displaced from their families or orphaned during the long civil war. PICUS students were fortunate to be visited by Abraham Majat, a 'Lost Boy of Sudan' who now lives in Michigan and often speaks to groups about his experiences. Mrs. Cormany said, "It was a privilege to hear his story and see how much more we can do for others in extreme hardship."
The three PICUS classes have already raised $1020 and would love to raise more! They are accepting pledges through June 7, 2024. Click this link to SchoolPay if you’d like to make a donation.