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Admin Retreat Starts 2019-20 School Year for Administrators!

Administrators from Grand Blanc Schools recently attended Admin Retreat, a two-day kick-off to the school year for district administrators and principals. 

Day 1 took place at For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum, where they took a walk around the park and explored the Tree House in the woods that was built by and aired on an episode of "Tree House Masters" in January of 2017. They were introduced to the gang of comic-book superheroes that represent the park and saw the butterflies before they are released this month. The preserve has a mobile garden that they pull out to schools when the students can't come to them, and they will cater lessons to students based on teacher needs if they want to bring students to a field trip or have a visitor come in from the park. 

admins at formar

The administrators also practiced mindfulness with Jennifer Casper, a teacher from West Middle School that is leading the Mindfulness teaching initiative in the district. Mrs. Casper is leading a new PLC to help spread methods to those that would like to incorporate mindfulness this school year.

casper mindfulness


The afternoon of day 1 was filled with teambuilding exercises. Groups rotated stations of different activities that helped them focus in on their goals, what their mission was for the year, and how to bring that vision back to their building/department teams. 

tia group team marbles

Day 2 brought the administrators back to Grand Blanc High School West Campus and the district's own nature center located on the main campus. Over 40 acres of natural space is available to our staff and students, with outdoor classroom benches built by various Eagle Scouts and groups. Deb Wilson, Science Curriculum Chair, and Jami Neubecker, Indian Hill teacher, led a tour of the nature center and showed administrators tools that they are developing for classroom teachers to use with their students when they visit the outdoor center. The grounds are rich in plant and animal life to explore, with small creeks, large trees, and wildlife. The area is a great resource for all kinds of lessons!

nature center

outdoor classroom

Day 2 also included a visit from the Safari Club International, whose representatives talked about outdoor retreats for educators in their Jackson, Wyoming school and free learning supplies they offer to encourage children to have outdoor experiences. Among other activities, the administrators also painted large murals that will be placed at buildings in the district.

group admins 2019

Admin Retreat is a great start to the school year for our leadership! They are ready to get teachers into their buildings and excited for "Opening Day" where the entire GBCS staff of approximately 1000 employees will gather to kick off the school year at the end of August.