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GB HOSA Has Accepted the Gift of Life Michigan Challenge

Dear Potential Donor,

As you may know, there is a Health Occupations for Students of America (HOSA) chapter at GBHS. Students who are interested in medicine join and participate in a number of health-related events, ranging from writing an essay on a focused topic, taking an exam about medical terminology, or performing a skill - CPR, EMT, etc. - in front of a panel of judges.

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Every year, HOSA focuses on a new initiative, a challenge to help our community. This year, GBHOSA members, in collaboration with GB Medical Occupations (MedOcc) students are competing in a statewide challenge with other Michigan HOSA chapters to register new organ and tissue donors and inspire support for donations - Gift of Life Challenge.

Surprisingly, there are many myths that people believe about organ donation, which prevent them from registering as an organ donor. One such myth is that age and medical conditions prevent a person from becoming an organ donor, however, anyone is eligible to be a potential donor regardless! Another widely held belief is that doctors and/or paramedics are less inclined to save a person’s life if they are a donor. That is completely false, doctors and paramedics will do their absolute best to save your life regardless if the person is an organ donor. Yet another misconception is that organs are “harvested from a dead body”! However, in order for the organs to be viable for a recipient, the donor must be completely dependant on life support i.e. on a ventilator. There are no limits on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion and many people with preexisting conditions are eligible to be donors. All major religions have stated support for organ donation.


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Unfortunately, there are more people waiting for an organ than actual donors. About 22 people die daily while on the transplant list while waiting for their organ(s). On the other hand, 88 lives per day on average are saved with an organ transplant! Each organ can save up to 8 lives, and each tissue donor can enhance up to 75 lives!

Every person that registers counts. HOSA chapters around the country are trying to get more people to register as donors not only as a competition but also in an effort to enhance the lives of those that benefit from the increased number of donors. The challenge runs from 11/4-11/22. So, we ask you to consider registering as a donor with the link below help bring more awareness of organ donation and this challenge.

Remember, donors save lives... many lives.
Please visit
and register to become a donor. Snap a screenshot of your registration approval and send us a copy so we at GBHOSA can recognize you and your dedication to life. If you are uncomfortable with signing up at this time? We can still use your help! Please forward this message and the link to your families, friends, coworkers anywhere in the US!

ANYONE can register and we encourage all members of our future HealthCare family (regardless of age) to consider! GBHOSA and MedOcc want to demonstrate our dedication to life through our passion in getting this initiative into our community. For Luke, for Lyric, for Zachary, for Corrin, for Cyndi, for Karter, for Brittney, for Ms McNair-Levi, for many many others, for life, for hope.

Thank you and remember #OneForEight,

Maneet Angra (PR committee co-chair) and the Grand Blanc High School HOSA Leadership Committee

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