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CSS Staff Reach Out During Remote Learning

The Center for Student Success (CSS) at Grand Blanc High School serves approximately 120 students each year who are dedicated to catching up on credits for on-time graduation. The staff works closely with their students to make sure they get the assistance they need to stay on track. This job is especially challenging in a remote environment.
CSS staff wanted to reach out and let students know they are missed during remote learning. The staff put together some fall treats.
Each basket contained a drink, some snacks, candy, and a personal note.
collage leslie student
The staff then split up and delivered the baskets to their CSS students. The event was a great way for staff to create a positive experience. Alexis Arsenault, one of the CSS recipients, was so grateful that she emailed a thank you to let the CSS staff know that they "made her week". As you can see by the smiles in the photos, the boo baskets lifted spirits!
boo basket