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Brendel Elementary Shares "Camp Experience" and P2 Message!

5th Grade at Brendel Follows Through with Team-Building During An Unusual Year

For the last few years, 5th-grade students at Brendel have participated in special team-building days. The elementary school led by Principal, Mrs. Goetz, recognized that the 5th-grade year can be one of immense growth and turmoil, and has found that bringing the kids together less formally to learn about one another helps bring them to problem-solve in tough situations down the road.

In past years, this has included small building projects at the high school, dinners with family members, swimming at the high school pool, and various combinations of teambuilding activities. In a COVID-19 world, however, many of these activities don't allow for social distancing and just won't work. 

Brendel staff refused to be deterred, however, even with only 2 days/week of in-person learning. They planned a "Camp Experience" for students and included some important Positivity Project work, recognizing that this social-emotional connection was possibly more important than ever before.

5th-grade students shared outdoor fun in the GBHS Nature Center led by Ranger Jason from Ligon Learning Center. GBCS Curriculum Science Chair, Deb Jewell helped them make bird feeders!

As you may have noticed if you drive through downtown Grand Blanc, the students made signs to encourage the district and community during this difficult time as a P2 project with Mrs. Hardy. These signs can be seen in front of Brendel as well as along Saginaw Street and all over the central campus!

Teambuilding activities were led by the awesome staff from Base Camp Challenge Center.

Thank you to our dedicated staff for finding creative ways to get the job done in spite of so many obstacles. We are so proud of our students for bringing their enthusiasm and open-mindedness!

girls smores signs