Staff Technology Help

  • Over the summer, Technology has been working to update staff computers.  Because of these updates, staff may need to re-add printers, reset default internet browsers, and other user-specific tasks.  Technology has also implemented several new processes and program to help staff with some common tasks.  Below you will find information and instructions on these new devices and programs.


    For additional information on changes that have been made or may be coming, please visit our Tech Updates page.

Help with Common Staff Tech Questions/Problems

  • Jupiter Student Passwords

  • Removing a User/Account from a Chromebook

  • Logging into Pivot (New Staff)

  • Working with Go Guardian

  • Changing Buildings and/or School Years in Synergy TeacherVue

  • How to Check Voicemail when Away from your Office/Room

  • Accessing Resources via Classlink

  • Setting up Classlink to Sign in with a Google Account

  • Troubleshooting Classlink to Clever Login Issues

  • Changing your Network Password

  • Working with the Blackboard Mass Notification System*

  • How to Set a Default Internet Browser in Windows 10

  • How to Access Positivity Project Resources

  • Adding a Network Printer in Windows 10